4rt TRANSNATIONAL MEETING + LEARNING ACTIVITY: Bucharest (6 to the 1 of May 2018)

Hosted by ACCES PENTRU TOTI ASSOCIATION the 4th transnational meeting, together with the learning activity were implemented at Bucharest from the 6 to the 1 of May 2018.

The principal activities done were:

  • Follow up of SilC’ activities
  • Learning Activity
  • Calendar for the next months




With our learning activity our goals were:


– gain knowledge and insights    about  the  topics  of  the  SiLC-project 

  • Generational diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance
  • Cultural diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance 
  • Intersectional diversity  (cross-links  between  generational  and  cultural  diversity 

–    gain    knowledge  and  insights  about    leadership  in  diversity:  identify  needs  of  team  leaders      to  be  able  to  support  them  in  the  development  of  competences 

– explore the SiLC-Toolbox, handbooks for facilitators and team-leaders and mini-curriculum.  


The general evaluation of TOOLBOX was very positive!!

Here you can see how it worked: