SILC Multiplier Event and 4 TM


European Center for Innovation, Education, Science and Culture organized a multiplier event together with the support of the other partners at the Plovdiv International Technical Fair


Usually Autumn Fair is visited by nearly 20,000 visitors from Bulgaria and abroad. The majority of visitors are entrepreneurs, managers and professionals as well as workers and citizens. The accompanying program of the fair includes conferences, seminars, presentations and meetings focused on innovation, investment, international cooperation, energy efficiency and environmental project financing.

For making the multiplier event real, we had an SiLC’ s stand/ tent and implemented 3 workshops. During the 3 workshops participants were informed and had the opportunity to experience the IOs we have produced.

What will happen for next months?
Coming 2 months we will finish all the Intellectual Outputs:
• A handbook for facilitators
• Team leaders’ toolbox
• A handbook for team leaders
• A portable mini-curriculum for facilitators

Stay tuned for knowing more about our project!!



SILC Toolbox is ready!!

SiLC  toolbox of innovative tools (activities, games, strategies, management measures, etc.) has been finished.

We have developed and pilot awith related methodological support tailored to the needs of team leaders of MSM E & Os who face the challenge of leading increasingly diverse workforce.

Check here the result on English, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Roman, Czech and Latvian.



SiLC- Learning event “Leadership in Diversity” in Bucharest

SiLC- Learning event “Leadership in Diversity” in Bucharest
SilC Team

We have organized a 5-day Learning event “Leadership in Diversity”  in Bucharest (Romania) from 7 thr 11 May 2018. A group of 21 trainers and coaches worked together on the topics of Generational and cultural diversity, intersectional diversity and leadership in diversity and participated in testing the toolbox activities. The event was hosted by our Romanian partner ACCES PENTRU TOTI ASSOCIATION.

Its general aims were 

– Gain knowledge and insights about the topics of the SiLC-project: 

  • Generational diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance
  • Cultural diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance 
  • Intersectional diversity  (cross-links  between  generational  and  cultural  diversity 

– Gain knowledge  and  insights  about    leadership  in  diversity:  identify  needs  of  team  leaders      to  be  able  to  support  them  in  the  development  of  competencies 

– Explore the SiLC-Toolbox, Handbooks for facilitators and team-leaders, and the mini-curriculum (training modules on how to develop leadership in diversity). 


3rt Meeting: Prague


Hosted by Channel Crossing (Prague) the 3rt Transnational Meeting was done the 25nd  and the 26nd October 2017.

The principal activities done were:

  • Presentation of results of the research phase, national reports
  • Competences to be addressed for diversity and inclusion management of team leaders
  • Job Fair Visit
  • Working in teams to write work-packages for the IO’s to be developed (IO1 and IO2)
  • Dissemination opportunities and activities update
  • Action plan for the coming period


Silc: 2nd meeting in Liepaja

Form the 26-4-2017 until the 30-04-2017 the 2nd Transnational Meeting of SiLC project, nº 2016-1-NL01-KA202-022926, will be holded by Liepaja evening (shift) secondary school.

The main goals of the meeting are evaluation of project process and progress from Oct.16 until now and to know the status quo of the project at national level about the research phase.

One important act is the assistance of SiLC project to the 9-th scientific conference: Dimensions of the Education Quality in the Knowledge Society. 

The conference will take place on 28 April 2017 at Liepaja University where SiLC project’s members will be responsible of managing different workshops about “Diversity and Inclusion” and where SiLC project will be disseminate.

You will know more about this meeting when we will back !!

SiLC Team