Handbook for facilitators of team leaders

The facilitators handbook addresses the needs of experts in the field of leadership education (adult education and VET: trainers, coaches, facilitators, teachers etc.) who engage in training/ coaching of team leaders in MSM E&Os.

The main aim of the handbook is to provide you with background information on:
a) leadership development and
b) specific dynamics of the diverse teams in MSM E&Os.

The content includes:
a) specifics of the MSM E&Os: generation diversity, culture diversity, innovation capacity and competitiveness and their development, learning and education in MSM E&Os
b) learning needs of the stakeholders: team leaders of MSM E&Os, members of diverse teams of various profiles
c) commented examples of best practice in leadership training and diversity management training

The handbook will:
a) support the adult educators in the field of leadership, diversity and MSM E&Os, in particular to increase the capacity and related relevant skills of the educators to design and carry out their own quality leadership and diversity management training in this particular field
b) to prepare footing for the participation of adult educators in other activities of the project.

You can download the handbook below. Please select the language version you prefer: