What will we deliver during the project?

Ready-to-use SiLC instruments with practical tools and instruction to be used by team leaders at the workplace different intellectual outputs will be developed.

A handbook for facilitators of team leaders with generational and culture diverse teams – supporting Leadership in Micro Small and Medium sized Enterprises and public + non governmental Organisations (MSM E&Os): Supporting Leadership in MSM E&Os.

The main aim of the handbook is to provide the educators with insight into:
a) leadership development and
b) specific dynamics of the diverse teams in MSM E&Os.


A Team Leader’s Toolbox: “On-the-job-learning” and team building tools to improve and boost performance of generation and culture diverse teams in MSM E&Os.

  • The online toolbox will consist of instruments that the team leaders in MSM E&Os can use to prevent generation and culture diversity related problems and improve the performance of their teams. The primary audience of the toolbox will thus be the team leaders whereas the primary audience of the activities included in the toolbox will be the members of teams in MSM E&Os.

Curriculum for education facilitators:  Developing Competences for Leadership of Generation and Culture Diverse Teams in MSM E&Os: “a portable mini-curriculum”.

The curriculum seeks to help the education facilitators to respond to this particular need of the team leaders of MSM E&Os and will complete the whole set of outputs to provide a complex solutions for MSM E&Os.

Fostering learning and cooperation in diverse MSM E&O teams: a handbook for team leaders

The handbook is designed for TEAM LEADERS of MSM E&Os that face the challenge of diverse workforce (and seek to increase their competences in this area) or that seek to improve their level of preparedness by developing the skills and competences of their team leaders.