Intercultural cooperation


Nowadays, people from different cultural backgrounds often work together and the fair intercultural co-operation and respect for human rights, respect for minority rights, solidarity, equality of opportunities, participation and democracy are yet to be universally implemented. Working with these activities, students will develop intergenerational and intercultural skills and competencies.

"Natives" and Europeans

Positive attitude and sensitivity in making first contact with representatives of different communities;

Understanding your own reactions in difficult situations.

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Promotes exchange of mutual information and helps participants to perceive and process the gained information, also to formulate their own questions and needs.

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Part of me

To make the initial situation livelier and to give a possibility to find out new information about other participants.

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Pieces of a Puzzle

To create willingness to work together with other participants and become actively involved

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Story Telling

Possibility to find out new information: background and characteristics about other participants.

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Culture factory

Understanding culture in a practical way. A broader understanding of culture and how to adapt to that.

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Exploring a Cartoon

To help participants discover different meanings and perspectives related to culture, tolerance and other basic concepts by exploring the group`s interpretations of a cartoon;

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Newcomers in Wolicom

Create awareness and understanding of differences in values, assumptions and behavior between (X, Y, Z, Mill) or cultures.

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Sea Storm

To raise awareness about differences between individuals;  to enhance open-mindedness and foster the development of multiple perspectives.

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Tell yourself. Tell others.

To help to communicate and to show empathy to other people, be able to listen to and accept different points of view, to learn to express and receive positive emotions in order to exhilarate and support fellows.

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Abigail’s Story

The tool gives insight in the values of others. You learn to deal with qualities, tolerance level and perceptions of other participants, as well as define your own.

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Know your apple

For participants to understand the concept of stereotyping, and the role that stereotypes can play in discrimination and the abuse of human rights.

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