Funded by Erasmus+, SiLC project aims to develop a multigenerational/cultural tools for MSM E&Os (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise and Organization) to be used in training, coaching and in teams.

Silc is a new concept of leadership training that consideres diversity of cultura and generations as an asset. A NEW CONCEPT OF LEADERSHIP TRAINING THAT CONSIDERS DIVERSITY OF CULTURE AND GENERATIONS AS AN ASSET.

The main goal is to implement innovative tools that support workplace learning in diverse composed teams.

In an era of globalization, competitiveness and rapid changes organizations need to be innovative (ET2020) to create a competitive advantage. However recent demographic developments (lower birth rates and ageing) makEurope’s work force shrink (Pew, 2015)! Since the nineties, the European decision makers anticipate on this development with new policies, like stimulating the labour participation and learning of the elderly.

Shortly we will cooperate with up to 5 generations in the workplace! According to research (Bontekoe 2011) the innovative power is hindered by different generations not optimally working together.

SiLC will be implemented by a partnership of 6 partners from The Nederlands, Check Republic, Bulgary, Romania, Latvia and Spain.

SiLC aims to:

  • increase the development (learning and cooperation) of multigenerational/ cultural teams to its fullest potential (use the innovative power of the diverse team)
  • reveal the innovative and competitive potential of the MSM E&Os by offering an innovative solution to easily start working on diversity (bottom-up).

SiLC creates an approach and tools to support:

– operational leaders to be able to work on the job with their (diverse) team to learn and cooperate to the optimal

– facilitators to work (in a flexible way) on SiLC in Mini, Small and Medium Enterprise and Organizations leadership development.

SiLC is funded by the EU programme Erasmus+ (Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices) and will run from September  2016 until May 2019.