Portable “mini-curriculum” for education facilitators

The social and demographic changes present the team leaders of MSM E&Os with new challenges. Heterogeneous structure of their teams in terms of generation and culture is one of them. To achieve the optimal performance of heterogeneous teams, the team leaders must establish fluent cooperation and communication and encourage positive learning environment among the team members. For this purpose, every MSM E&Os team leader of a diverse team has to become to some extent a “team-building” expert and “educator”. To achieve this, the traditional concept of leadership needs to be extended and the team leaders need to acquire and develop new specific set of skills. For this purpose, the team leaders need qualified trainers who would help them to master the necessary skills.

The curriculum seeks to help the education facilitators to respond to this particular need of the team leaders of MSM E&Os and will complete the whole set of outputs to provide a complex solutions for MSM E&Os. The curriculum will be tailored to the needs of the facilitators (adult educators, trainers, coaches) who work with team leaders and their teams of MSM E&Os. The main aim of the curriculum will be to provide the trainers with necessary background for development of the specific aspect of leadership addressed by the project (tackling generation and cultural diversity through team building and fostering positive learning environment at workplace). The curriculum will be created in a flexible modular form which will enable to execute it both independently and as a part of more extensive leadership courses.

We will develop a curriculum for the facilitators which can be used as training modules on itself (train the trainer) but can also be easily used to integrate parts of it during an existing leadership development course (train the operational leader).
The curriculum is innovative because of its flexible structure and the methods used. As the facilitators should be experienced as trainer they are able to transform a session with our recommendations into something which suits their target audience needs and is aligned with their standard course.

The modules are build out of sessions – alike learning nuggets – with a specific flexible method which can be used like jigsaw pieces into the training programme. Clear objectives and requirements are listed for each.

For the 5 days version a start-up exercise should be prepared by the participants prior to the training course to gain time. The exercise might be combined with a webinar to kick-off the training course.

The curriculum for facilitators is mainly focused to support facilitators to  train team leaders in overcoming obstacles, change attitudes, start implementing diversity from a bottom up approach in their daily work.

The curriculum is built up in 5 separate, still logically related training modules that can be used “as is” or customized to your personal need. 

Each module includes:

  • an example module training programme
  • a powerpoint presentation
  • optionally extra Handouts or related documents

Intergenerational features, learning and leadership situations and how to support the operational leader in this.
Module 2:
Intercultural features, learning and leadership situations.
Module 3:
Teambuilding: forming new (project) teams, new comers on boarding, phases in a I&I-team (intergenerational & intercultural team).
Module 4:
Leadership: new concept, related to I&I-diversity.
Module 5:
Learning in a I&I-diverse team
Flexible and innovative learning.
Extent: (in learning hours) flexible between 3 hours and 5 days depending on the level of depth.

The exact structure and content of the curriculum will reflect know-how gained throughout the process of preparation of the other outputs. The exact structure of the curriculum will be negotiated by all partners by means of Skype meeting and at transnational management meeting.

General information:

Module 1: Diversity at the workplace

Module 2: Generational Diversity

Module 3: Cultural Diversity

Module 4: Intersectional Diversity

Module 5: Leaderschip in Diversity