SiLC- Learning event “Leadership in Diversity” in Bucharest


We have organized a 5-day Learning event “Leadership in Diversity”  in Bucharest (Romania) from 7 thr 11 May 2018. A group of 21 trainers and coaches worked together on the topics of Generational and cultural diversity, intersectional diversity and leadership in diversity and participated in testing the toolbox activities. The event was hosted by our Romanian partner ACCES PENTRU TOTI ASSOCIATION.


Its general aims were 

– Gain knowledge and insights about the topics of the SiLC-project: 

  • Generational diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance
  • Cultural diversity  and  its  relation  to  team  performance 
  • Intersectional diversity  (cross-links  between  generational  and  cultural  diversity 

– Gain knowledge  and  insights  about    leadership  in  diversity:  identify  needs  of  team  leaders      to  be  able  to  support  them  in  the  development  of  competencies 

– Explore the SiLC-Toolbox, Handbooks for facilitators and team-leaders, and the mini-curriculum (training modules on how to develop leadership in diversity).  

The ToolBox’s evaluation was very positive and all participants found the structure and activities very useful and interesting.

Here you will know the evaluation: 

SiLC ToolBox General evaluation LA Romania – Report


Watch the images for knowing how it was.


SilC’s Team!!