The importance of diverse workforce

The goals of this module are to introduce the importance and benefits of diverse workforce and how to manage this phenomenon within the team.

The picture chain

Being able to identify various ways of perceiving reality and how these combine into shaping a global bigger picture that provides more information to the group as a learning and cooperating unit. Becoming aware of diversity at its rawest… each person sees things differently. This practice is one to prepare the ground to present diversity as an asset; since the diversity of points of view implies a diversity of possible solutions to one same problem.

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Company values

Being able to identify and appreciate individual values and attitudes. Realizing that this diversity nourishes the group’s identity.   

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Allows participants to experience decision-making in "real" situations without worrying about their consequences;

How to apply knowledge, develop skills and study attitudes in the context of everyday life.

The importance of diverse workforce.

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Listening exercise

For all participants to experience not being listened to; to develop understanding of which people in society are likely not to be listened to.

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Diversity Bingo

Identify diversity in the team, focusing on individual qualities that may be shared with others, but may be unique in the team

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Assign label tool

Awareness of group formation based on (external) characteristics.

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Team quality circles

Create practical ideas to improve team quality performance.

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Mapping for Mars

To appreciate the importance of acknowledging and encouraging expression of a diverse range of perspectives and views; to promote the participation of all team members and respect for different ideas; or with people who are learning to be trainers, to help them understand their responsibility to allow and encourage contributions from all the participants, and to value their different opinions.

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