The role of team leader

The goals of this module are introducing the role of the team leader and defining and understanding the different knowledge and skills needed for being a positive team leader.

Let’s build together

The overall pedagogical aim is for the team leader to manage a team-building activity in which groups must work together to build a structure out of Lego, but each individual has a secret “assignment” which makes the collaborative process more challenging.

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Perfect workplace

The objectives of the exercise are:

Involve all team members in the process of building a vision representing a picture of the ideal working day;

Give team members the opportunity to plan the actions needed to achieve the vision.

The exercise is suitable for use in the context of team training, and it is best to use it after preliminary warm-up games related to teamwork.

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The Management vs Leadership

To recognize that every leader can be a manager, but not every manager is a leader. This exercise is particularly appropriate for new and emerging leaders, to help them understand the difference.

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The Artificial Snow

To practice different leadership styles and observe the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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The Plane Crash Survival Scenario

To test participants' facilitation, conflict resolution and communication skills. Individuals must work together as a team to make sure that everyone agrees on the outcome.

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Helium Stick

You will not be able to create an effective team without trust. Your team members need to be able to trust you, and they need to be able to trust each other. With that in mind, you should have at least one good and unique team building and trust exercise that you can fall back on when things get rocky. The “Helium Stick” activity can be a great activity for any group.

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