Management Meetings and Training Activities

During the project transnational, meetings will be held to manage the progress of the project, work together on the project outputs and join conference and training events to  follow up the implementation of the project.

Partners Meetings

  • 1st Transnational  Meeting in Barcelona, hosted by M&M Profuture Training, S.L (12 – 14 October 2016).

  • 2nd Transnational meeting in Latvia, hosted by Liepajas Vidusskola (26 – 30 April 2017).

  • 3rd Transnational meeting in the Czech Republic hosted by Channel Crossings (October 2017).


Learning Activity

To connect the SiLC project to practice a learning activity will be implemented in Romania, Bucharest.

Why? It offers a good opportunity for us (project team) to bring the three target audiences together (team members, team leaders and facilitators) who represent at the same time the multigenerational and –cultural team themselves. The participant-facilitators are representing our countries. Secondly, we will have an opportunity to have good discussions with all types of stakeholders/ sounding board (also virtually) about the IOs, the research and dissemination. Finally, the training event is meant to get final inputs for the last revision of the handbooks and toolbox before we will start our final research and dissemination of the complete package.