Handbook for team leaders

The handbook is designed for TEAM LEADERS of MSM E&Os that face the challenge of diverse workforce (and seek to increase their competences in this area) or that seek to improve their level of preparedness by developing the skills and competences of their team leaders.

The IO2 will include:
a) summary of the principles of key methods and approaches to handling learning, cooperation and generational and cultural diversity at workplace (in-role-learning, generation management, team building approaches to diverse teams etc.)
b) “educators’” minimum for team leaders (what the team leaders need to know about learning processes, how adult people learn, what competences are useful to reach high performance of heterogeneous teams and how to develop them
c) commented examples of best practices of high performance heterogeneous teams and processes, learning solutions etc. that help them to handle diversity
The handbook will follow and reflect the content of the toolbox (IO2) in order to provide team leaders with more support to apply the tool box in their organisation. The content of the IO3 will also reflect the know-how gained through the preparation of the other outputs.

The goal of the how-to book is two-fold:
a) inside-project: IO3 seeks to provide more support and methodological background to the team leaders who intend to apply the tools included in the toolbox (IO2) in the workplace and would like to go beyond this.
b) outside-project: IO3 will be also able to stand independently for team leaders interested in innovative approaches to training and to developing their leadership skills in the field of team competences development and diversity management.