SiLC Toolbox

The notion of “toolbox” refers to a type of material that is dedicated to delivering the inputs through a reflexive-practical guide, so that the users of it, discuss, analyze and generate strategies for implementing them.

This toolkit perspective moves away from those pedagogical materials that provide manual and finite ideas that do not necessarily allow the development of the users’ own skills and abilities. This is why, the toolbox is a pedagogical material that is designed in a flexible way for the learners to be able to use it in a way that responds to their specific contexts, capacities and objectives.

It should be noted that the proposals contained in this Toolbox deal with processes of strategy construction emphasizing, preferably the challenge of leading progressively increasingly diverse staff affected by the ageing of population and growing cultural diversity (migration, demographic trends).

Based on this idea and following the project's principles, SiLC will develop and pilot a toolbox of innovative tools (activities, games, strategies, management measures, etc.) with related methodological support tailored to the needs of team leaders of MSM E & Os who face the challenge of leading increasingly diverse workforce.

For more in-depth information, please read our

Facilitators handbook, the Team Leader manual 

This Toolbox can be used as a flexible learning procedure combining more (or even all) activities into a training programme or an specific course and using a final reflection process about it.

Please check our our Mini-Curriculum  to know how to make it real and the different sections along the different documents available.